About Us

The Martial Arts Studio is a specifically designed centre. It provides a safe and well catered facility for martial arts and fitness training. Our main objective at Martial Arts Studio Chorley is to develop well-rounded students, not only at the studio, but in society as well. Want to be fitter, stronger, and more confident? Then the Martial Arts Studio is the place for you.

Young children and adults alike are welcomed at all levels to learn how martial arts can be combined with fun, fitness and structure to help anyone get the most out of their life. Our classes will help you to boost your self-defence skills, make new friends and greatly improve your general well being. Whether you’re completely new to martial arts and kick boxing, a black belt, or simply looking to brush up on your skills, you’ll be inspired to reach your goals in a safe, friendly environment.

At the Martial Arts Studio finding the system that suits your needs best could not be easier. We have high quality instructors offering classes ranging from pure self-defense, through fitness and conditioning to both semi and full contact competing for most age ranges. Private 1-2-1 classes are also available from most of the instructors.

The martial arts system we teach has evolved from these traditional forms of combat, taking what is applicable to the modern day world and modern day situations and combining this with modern day concepts from arts such as Kempo providing effective self-defense, combat skills, knife defense, stick defense, weapon defense using striking techniques, pressure points, wrist locks, joint locks, throws and atemi strikes. Our aim is to promote the quality and accessibility of the art of jujitsu and the mixed style we teach is taught for self-defense purposes only and strives to regain some of the combined skills of many martial arts of old.

Well equipped gym excellent instruction-from Genuine enthusiastic owner . I had never tried martial arts before and i am 58 i would recommend this studio to anyone - age is irrelevant